Friday, July 31, 2015

Recent Sermons are Online

Here's a description of the 7/19 sermon: "This is a sermon about what the church is supposed to be but so often isn't.  According to the letter to the Ephesians, the church is a community where the "dividing wall of hostility" has been broken down by God.  Yet, churches more often than not are hostile to newcomers and strangers.  Their memberships are homogeneous rather than diverse, because the walls of hostility in our culture remain active in our congregations.  God asks us to do better.Also, here's the link to the great KC Star article on the multi-racial church in KC--Covenant Presbyterian Church, which I mention in the sermon. 
Here's a description of the 7/12 sermon: "This is a sermon about living a life of thankfulness.  We all know people who choose to lead lives filled with complaints and negativity; they are hard to be around.  Choosing to be a thankful person doesn't mean ignoring the pain and difficulty in our lives, rather it means making a choice not to be defined by them.  Thanksgiving is more than just offering shallow platitudes, rather it is a way to deal with pain, grief and difficulty rather than as a way to deny them."


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