Friday, December 18, 2015

Recent sermons on-line

You can click here to listen to my sermon from Sunday, December 6: "Light in the Darkness"

If you missed it, here's what it's about:

How do we find hope and peace of mind in the midst of difficult times? Where is the light of God in our time which is filled with so many stories of death?

This sermon is about the song of Zechariah, father of John the Baptist, found in Luke 1:68-76. Specifically it's about the phrase in the song which says, "light in the shadow of death." John's father declares his son will reveal light to those in the shadow of death. How can we do the same?
Note about the audio:

As an intro to this sermon, I showed a YouTube video of Simon and Garfunkel's song "Silent Night/7 o'clock News. You can watch it here 
Also, we had a glitch with the audio-visual equipment and at the beginning of the sermon another Simon and Garfunkel tune began to play-that wasn't planned. As good as the song "Scarborough Fair" may be, it wasn't intended to be part of the sermon.

You can click here to listen to my sermon from Sunday, November 29: "She Said Yes"

If you missed it, here's what it's about:  

This is a sermon about the annunciation by the angel Gabriel to Mary, the mother of Jesus, that she would miraculously conceive a child-not just any child but the long-expected Messiah. Discussions of Mary often center on belief/disbelief in the doctrine of the Virgin Birth or they locate Mary's significance solely in her role as Jesus' mother. Yet, the Gospel of Luke presents Mary as an example of a true disciple, one who hears the word of the Lord and does what it says. By seeing ourselves in Mary's story, we can learn what it means to say "yes" to God in our time and place.

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