Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sam Phillips--Still in Need of God Not the Political Church

Once upon a time back in the day when I only listened to Contemporary Christian Music--all things secular were of the devil--I enjoyed music by Leslie Phillips. As my musical and theological tastes opened up a bit, I discovered that Leslie Phillips had become Sam Phillips and was not putting out secular music. Her new albums were secular in the sense that they were not on a "Christian" record label, although her lyrics were still infused with faith and God. The music was a lot better too--thanks in large part to the fact that she married T Bone Burnett, one of the best record producers around--and a great musician in his own right. My favorite album by Phillips (Sam) is Martinis and Bikinis. It was probably the album that garnered her the most commercial success, although she has continued to put out great music. She blends folk and rock in some great ways and has a unique voice that is a beautiful instrument in itself.

She has a new album out--this time not produced by T Bone--and has been playing clubs lately. NPR had a live broadcast of one of her shows in the D.C. area on recently. It's well worth a listen to hear Phillips' current sound which is more spare than previous efforts. Nonetheless, her lyrics offer a mix of soulful longing, wry social critique and hope born of a deep and subtle faith.

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