Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Brett Dennen-Make You Crazy Video (official version)

Some time over the Thanksgiving holiday, I camped out on the sofa with a purely entertaining novel--as far as I can tell, it contained no fodder for a sermon or a blog post or anything deep and meaningful. I clicked over to the cable channels that play only music--I like the one labeled "Adult Alternative" although I have no idea what that label means. I just know they play a mixture of folk and rock that I don't find very often. Anyway, I heard a song by Bret Dennen called "Make You Crazy" which not only had a great beat, great vocals, great everything but a social message to go along with it. In the song he lists some of the things wrong with the world--including child soldiers--and laments it's enough to "make you crazy." Then he ends by singing "I'd be crazy not to care." It's a very hopeful tune for a world in need of hope. That's what I'm grooving to this week. I guess I'm not the first to discover him since it says on his web site that he was on Good Morning America last week. It's pretty sad with GMA hears new music before I do. I'm so old.

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