Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More on the "Decline of Christian America"

On Easter Sunday, I mentioned the Newsweek cover story entitled "The Rise and Decline of Christian America" and then posted more about it last week. I mentioned how many reputable people are pointing out the data from recent polling regarding religious affiliation in America is more difficult to interpret than it may first seem.

Michael Gerson--who rarely has anything to say that I want to read--actually had an interesting column in The Washington Post last week regarding the Newsweek story and the recent polls. In it he offers some of these same objections to conventional wisdom regarding the rising number of "religiously unafiliated" people.

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Andrew said...

He still does not have anything to say that I would want to read.

"The mainline has become pale, anemic and shrunken as it has become a reflection of trendy liberalism -- miniaturizing the Kingdom of God to fit a political ideology."

If anyone knows something about that, it is Gerson, affiliated as he is with a Virginia church that has broken away from the Episcopal Church and aligned itself with Archbishop Peter Akinola of Nigeria, the homophobic scandal of Anglicanism. To say nothing of Gerson's former boss.

Granted, Gerson does make some points about the polling data, but he gets the knife in on the mainline Protestant church all the same.

He also really needs to do something about his hair...