Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Recommended Reading on Health Care Reform

As I've tried to keep up with the ebb and flow of the debate over Health Care Reform (see my last post), here are some articles/posts I found interesting/helpful/thought-provoking:

Who Would Jesus Insure?--a liberal blogger and a conservative Christian actually have healthy dialogue at a Tea Party event--who knew it was possible?

In Defense of Britain's Health Care System--the authors of this Washington Post Op-Ed make a fair point: "Americans fear that countries such as Britain and Canada ration care -- and that such rationing could and should never be tolerated in the United States. Yet 47 million uninsured is quite an extreme form of rationing."

The Swiss Menace--Paul Krugman offers that Obamacare doesn't look like the heath care systems in Britain, Canada or France--it's Switzerland that we could end up looking like

Lining Up for Help--A group that usually provides medical care to isolated indian tribes in the Amazon sets up shop in Los Angeles and offers free medical care--in a matter of minutes the ignored third world living here in our country appear!

There have been several good posts to the God's Politics Blog:

There have also been a few programs on NPR that have actually offered calm, moderated and informative discussions about Health Care Reform--sometimes even with people coming from different perspectives:

  • End Of Life Decisions And The Health Care Bill--Last Monday's Talk of the Nation had some really educational discussion--although I've gotta say that the guy from Pat Robertson's American Center for Law and Justice sounded more than lame: "I don't like health care reform, because I'm conservative, so nyah!"--yet even he agrees that so-called "death panels" aren't real

  • A Radio Town-Hall Forum on the Health Care Debate--very helpful--I think I actually understand what a "health insurance co-op" is now--maybe, sort of. . .

Any suggestions for further reading on Health Care Reform? Leave your suggestions as a comment--if I like it, I'll put it up here.


lneely said...

insurance reform watch, which is a sub-site of quack watch, is another good site with a lot of reading material on the subject.

Anonymous said...

One of the writers wonders if the military spending of the past eight years mights have been better spent.

No doubt.

But Obama is not changing anything.

He just INCREASED military spending.

Will Graham