Friday, November 13, 2009

Quoted about Halloween

I forgot to put a link up here two weeks ago when I was quoted in a St. Joseph News-Press article about how should Christians approach Halloween. (Thanks Erin Wisdom!) I hope I conveyed I'm pro-Halloween and don't buy into the "Satan's holiday" stuff. It was also glad to plug our church's annual Halloween party/carnival for neighborhood kids.

If you're interested in a completely psychotic (as in break from reality not homicidal) approach to Halloween, check out this send-up of a fundamentalist rant about Halloween. The scary thing is that the fundamentalist rant is real not a farcical satirical piece. Warning: the site I'm linking to is a humor site that makes fun of delusional stuff like the one referenced, and therefore their comments, thoughts, language and general snark may be considered objectionable by some readers.

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