Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Wish-List for 2010

(In the interest of full-disclosure, I wrote something like this for The Dialogue, the newsletter of First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in St. Joseph, MO. I've changed it a bit for the blog, but I figured I'd mention its origin to explain all the church references.)

I’m already thinking about next year, and it’s not too early to hope for what the new year will bring. Here’s what I’m hoping for . . .

  • I hope that next year I will enjoy the benefits of devoting at least as much energy to my spiritual life as I do to checking e-mail and updating my Facebook status.

  • I wish every American could have as good of health insurance as their Congressperson or Senator. (Hey, I didn’t say all or any of my wishes had to be realistic.)

  • I hope that next year First Christian Church of St. Joseph will have had a successful capital campaign to pay for the expensive but necessary building repairs made this year.

  • I wish for a year without seeing the faces of Jon and Kate Gosselin every time I turn on TV—no matter what channel it’s on.

  • I wish the St. Joseph News-Press would spend more time reporting on the real problems facing our community and possible solutions rather than merely publishing the complaints of those who shout the loudest.

  • I hope that next year First Christian Church of St. Joseph will have even more new members like the ones who have joined in the last three years. We are so fortunate to have so many new faces.

  • I wish for new jobs for church members who lost their jobs in 2009.

  • I wish for some stinking answers on the final season of ABC’s LOST.

  • I hope that next year First Christian Church of St. Joseph will be experiencing the joy that comes when a church opens itself up to God’s new opportunities for ministry in its community.

  • I wish for a government (Democrat or Republican) that will invest as much money and effort in economic justice and peacemaking as it does in the development of new weapons and the waging of war.

  • I hope that next year both First Christian Church and I its minister will have the courage to give up our own comfort and convenience for the sake of others in need.

  • I wish for a year where no homeless men or women die alone on the streets of St. Joseph.

  • I wish for the Kansas City Chiefs to have a winning season. (I don’t need a a trip to the Super Bowl. I just would like them not to lose to the Browns!)

  • I hope that next year First Christian Church of St. Joseph will have discovered new ways to carry out the difficult task of welcoming all people in Christ’s name regardless of a person’s economic status, skin color, nationality, gender, political affiliation or sexual orientation.

  • I wish for companies who would put the long-term best interest of our planet, their employees and their customers ahead of their short-term profit margins.

  • I hope that next year I am still here doing a job that I love, serving a community of faithful and wonderful people here at First Christian Church of St. Joseph.

Grace and Peace,



Anonymous said...

Nice wish list Rev. My wish list would have something to do with greedy people finding themselves without homes, food, clothing or jobs. It would be nice to have the tables turned, and have them walk in the shoes of the poor.

Jeremy said...


I share your hopes. I might just add that I hope for big gains in the struggle for marriage equality. I hope that in 2010 we will take more steps to recognize, celebrate, and support loving partnerships.

And perhaps one day we can bring these wars to an end. They have been going on so long that I am often numb to them. Let us pray and work for peace in the coming year.

I wish a Happy New Year to everyone at First Christian Church.

(liberal minister in Houston)