Thursday, March 18, 2010

FCC St. Joe on Facebook!

It took me a while, but First Christian Church of St. Joseph, MO now has a group on Facebook. I've chosen to make it a group requiring invitation so that we aren't swarmed by people who have a bunch of money to give us if we just hand over our bank account numbers so they can transfer it out of Nigeria, if you know what I mean?

If you're interested in the group, just do a search for First Christian Church of St. Joseph, MO.


lneely said...

thanks for the invite by the way. i doubt i exactly "belong," but i'll contribute what i can. ;p

revpeep said...

"Belong" is an ever -expanding and ever-changing thing. I'm just glad that a person with your beliefs (to the extent I know them) is interested in connecting with us at all. Besides, you might be suprised at the skeptics and cynics who "belong" to this church. :)

lneely said...

now, why wouldn't i want to connect? just because i view theology as a branch of mythology? that would just be silly.

by belonging, i mainly refer to the fact that i don't attend services -- not to say that an appearance or two is out of the question -- but if that's cool, then great! if there's anything that i can be helpful with (e.g., performing music for a service or for holiday(s), whatever), keep in touch! i'll be in the group, so just hit me up on FB or email.

revpeep said...

Again, the whole theology/mythology thing--you'd fit right in.

And, as far as attendence goes, FCC has plenty of members that never come!

I will tkae you up on your musicical abilities, however, you can count on it!