Thursday, June 17, 2010

I Thought The Power Team was Bad

This past Sunday in my sermon I shared about a phone call I received last week from The Power Team.  In addition to the pushy and smart-alecky tone of the representative/salesperson which I didn't care for (he seemed to think that since our church was not interested in The Power Team we were not interested in reaching the "lost" and "unsaved."), I also don't care for the theology they represent.

If you've never experienced The Power Team, you're in for a treat.  It's a group of guys that look like pro wrestlers who do evangelistic rallies and their schtick happens to be feats of strength such as tearing phone books in half, smashing through blocks of ice, chopping cement blocks with their hands and blowing up rubber hot water medicine bottles with their amazingly strong lung capacities. 

I"m sure that in their rallies they mention that their own strength is nothing compared to the power of God to defeat sin (at least I hope so), but to me their message is all about human stength and abilities.  The focus is inevitably on the stunts and not upon God.  This seems far from the humble Christ who took the form of a servant and humbled himself on the cross.

Well, my encounter with The Power Team has inspired out youth director, Andrew Kar, to scour the internet looking for information about them.  He recalled seeing an episode of The Daily Show (WARNING: the segment features Christian men rolling around on mats in homoerotic positions) that featured The Power Team as well as a ministry in Tennessee that uses mixed martial arts (as in Ultimate Fighting cage matches) to lure men to church.  After watching these Christians rolling around on the mats in provacative poses punching each other, suddenly The Power Team doesn't seem so bad any more.

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