Friday, February 7, 2014

Recommended Reading 2-7-14 Edition

Each week I send out a list of articles, columns, op-eds, blog posts, etc. that I found meaningful to read over the last week.
  • KC Public Schools: MORE2 and KC Regional Equity Network are hosting a forum for KCPS School Board candidates at Swope Parkway United Christian Church (6140 Swope Parkway).  Assuming the state board of education doesn't destroy the KCMO district, this is your chance to hear from people charting the future for the district.   
  • The Oppressed One Percent: You may have read about Tom Perkins the billionaire who wrote a letter to the Wall Street Journal comparing the resentment towards the 1% to the Holocaust.  Leonard Pitts had a great response to him this week in the KC Star.    
  • Bad Theology and America's Broken Justice System--If you think what churches teach doesn't really matter out in the real world, here is a column that proves otherwise: "How a Poor Theology of the Cross Created America's Broken Justice System."  The understanding of Jesus' death preached in most churches over the last several centuries (Jesus died a violent death to appease an angry God and make up for our sins) has led to a view of suffering and punishment in America that has resulted in our country having the highest percentage of its citizens incarcerated out of all the countries in the world.   
  • Why Does Being Gender Inclusive in Worship Matter?--If you've ever wondered if its worth it to go to the trouble of singing the Doxology or Gloria Patri in our worship service with gender inclusive language or chafed at the changes to familiar hymns made in the hymnal that we use, here is a good reminder why we do it.  This is a nice blog post about the "micro-aggressions" and "macro-aggressions" practiced by American Christianity today.   
  • Q&A With Anne Lamott--Anne Lamott is one of my favorite writers.  Her memoirs (Traveling Mercies, Plan B, Grace (Eventually), etc.) are ones I recommend highly.  Here's a small taste of Lamott in an interview with a San Diego paper
  • Shame on America--The KC Star had a heartbreaking story this past week about a family here in KC broken up by our failed immigration system.  This is why we are having the immigration event at our church Tuesday night at 6:30 PM: Standing on the Side of Love/All Faces All Races: A Hearing on Comprehensive Immigration Reform
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