Saturday, June 28, 2014

I gave Marc Maron one of my sermons

This week I joined all the hipsters over in Lawrence, KS (I felt at a loss, because I wasn't wearing skinny jeans nor an ironic thrift store t-shirt.) to see my favorite comedian and podcaster Marc Maron.  The show was great and he was very gracious with the fans.

Last year on Pentecost Sunday, I used a story from Maron's book Attempting Normal in my sermon.  I brought a CD of that sermon hoping I could give it to him.  During the Q&A, I shared that I was a minister who was a big fan and I had used his stories in sermons.  The crowd thought that was awesome, so I told him I had a copy of one for him.  He seemed genuinely glad to have it and asked if he could play it on his show.  I agreed, of course.

After the show, I began to worry that I came across like I was crazy or trying to convert him, so I tweeted the following:

A little while later, I got this reassuring response to my tweet by none other than Maron himself:

I hope he does listen to it and appreciates it.  Mentioning it on his podcast seems like too much to ask.  Either way, I got to interact with a comedian/podcaster whose work I really enjoy and that interaction was a good one--I'm more than satisfied with that much.

If you want to hear the sermon I gave to Marc Maron, here it is on my church's web site.  Apologies for the crappy audio quality.  Something was up with the audio that day.

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