Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Recommended Reading and Listening 1-24-16 edition

Recommended Reading and Listening
CCCUCC Folks in the News
United Church of Christ

Responding to Anti-Muslim Rhetoric and Actions
Social Justice
God and American Culture
  • Bill Tammeus has a great column about the recent comments by Supreme Court Justice Scalia that God has uniquely blessed America
Gun Violence
  • The NYTimes did an investigation of gun violence in Missouri and discovered as restrictions to gun ownership dropped gun violence increased.
LGBTQ Equality
  • "Are Parents Rushing to Turn Their Boys Into Girls?" A great article using actual science rather than opinion to talk about the wide spectrum of children not conforming to traditional gender roles. There is no outbreak of parents "making" their children transgender, but there is a tragic epidemic of transgender children struggling with depression and suicide because of parents who try to "fix" them. Despite what the Wall Street Journal editorial page says, there is a huge difference between a "tomboy" or a boy playing with Barbies and a transgender child.
  • Two weeks ago, we sent a video message declaring our love for Rev. Cynthia Meyer, United Methodist pastor in Edgerton, KS, who came out to her church and denomination as a lesbian person.  Sadly, she will be put on trial by her denomination for being the person God made her to be.
  • Plans are underway for KC's first transgender chorus!
  • Meet Allyson Robinson, the first openly transgender Baptist minister.
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