Friday, April 8, 2016

Recommended Reading and Listening 3-24-16 edition

Recommended Reading and Listening
CCCUCC in the News
  • Earlier this year, CCCUCC hosted an event for families with transgender children and their allies.  At that event was the creator of a podcast from here in KC who interviewed me and others re: our advocacy for LGBTQ people.  The podcast is  Unblocked--take a listen and subscribe to it.
  • Good quote from CCCUCC member Jan Parks who chairs the Education Task Force of MORE2 about KCMO's inconsistent use of tax abatement to spur development.
MORE2 in the News
Faith and the Election Season

It's an ugly election season to say the least, and religion plays a huge part in the ugliness.  Here are some articles I found interesting as I try to make sense of this political time we are living in.
God and American Culture
Misc. Stuff I think is Cool

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