Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Decent "Pro-Life" Review of Juno

In my last post, I mentioned that a number of anti-abortion folks were praising the wonderful film Juno for being a "pro-life" film. As I mentioned, I felt the film actually seemed more "pro-choice" to me--Juno's choice was not to get an abortion. Well, I'd just assume leave the culture warriors to their fun categorizing the entire world according to the only two options they can understand (right vs. wrong, pro-life vs. pro-choice, etc.), but then I actually read a decent review of the movie that yes, took the movie as "pro-life" but besides getting stuck on that managed to write an insightful review. It's by Gareth Higgins at the "God's Politics Blog."

Alright, this is the last post about Juno and the abortion debate. I'm finding my enjoyment of the wonderful film Juno diminished by my own posts about people making political hay about it. Ugh!

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