Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Interviews on Black Theology

I listen regularly to the NPR program Fresh Air with Terry Gross, and although I really like the program and its host, I have to admit that I feel a real weakness of both is its treatment of religion. Usually there's an interview with whoever has the latest book out, and there is little if any understanding on the part of the show or Gross about whether this person is really a credible scholar or even really is qualified to present the usually controversial viewpoints being offered. Yeterday's show was an excaption.

Yesterday, Gross interviewed two scholars of Black Liberation Theology, and she did exactly what the show does at its best, namely bringing to light the real background information that is driving current events--events only covered in a shallow way by the media. The first interview is with James Cone, who originated Black Liberation Theology, a professor at Union Seminary in New York City. The second one is with Dwight Hopkins, a professor at Chicago Theological Seminary, and a member of Trinity United Church of Christ, where Jeremiah Wright was minister. Both give a detailed understanding of this theological viewpoint and provide a context for the words of Jeremiah Wright--words that have been lifted out of their context within individual sermons and within their cultural context.

It's well worth a listen.

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