Thursday, April 10, 2008

Is the Bible a good read?

Some time last year, I came across the blog by David Plotz, one of the editors of, called Blogging the Bible. Plotz, a Jew, decided to read straight through the Hebrew Bible (what Christians often call The Old Testament) and offer his take on it from a literary critic and professional pundit's perspective. His whimsical and often hilarious thoughts are a lot of fun--not to mention that he points out so many things that happen to be in the Bible that nobody ever talks about.

He was interviewed today on the Bryant Park Project--a really great NPR show that is only available on the web to people in the Kansas City area--and it's a nice introduction to his blog.

He pointed out something that I had never thought about before--when Noah makes land after the flood and has saved two of every animal, what's the first thing he does? He sacrifices animals to God. There goes a species! How sadly ironic that the animals in question survived the deluge only to be sacrificed when they make land!

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