Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Giving Women in Bangladesh Lives Beyond the Sex Trade

In October, we were privileged to have Robin Seyfert as a guest at our church.  Robin is the niece of one of our members and also has been serving with the Mennonite Central Committee in Bangladesh for the last three years.  (You can read about her work with the MCC here.)  While there, she has been working to help women forced into the sex trade to begin new lives by supporting themselves and their families by making clothing and crafts.  She shared incredible and moving stories of how these women (many of whom were forced into the sex trade at the age of 12 or 13) transform from being beaten down and disenfranchised into glowing and vibrant women with exciting futures. 

Robin has now finished her term with the MCC and is gathering support to return to Bangladesh in order to set up a new business to employ more women.  She is working to find designers, buyers and markets for the items these women can make.  You can view some of the items the women make Hand and Cloth, and you can keep up with Robin at her blog.

By the way, we currently have at church Christmas stockings made by the women in Bangladesh.  Why not purchase a stocking and change a life at the same time?

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