Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Great Letter to the Editor by Rev. Tom Russell

Yesterday's St. Joseph News-Press, contained a letter to the editor by  former FCC St. Joseph minister Tom Russell.  In it, Tom responds to a previous letter complaining about a school music concert at one of the local elementary schools  because it was not explicitly called a "Christmas" program.  It was a typical complaint about how society keeps "taking the Christ out of Christmas."  Tom rightfully points out that the poor are not concerned about such things and as Mary the mother of Jesus sang in Luke 1 God is concerned with he plight of the poor and the lowest in society.  Our focus at Christmastime and every time should be upon the children of God who have less than us rather than on superficial Christmas celebrations.  this letter is well worth reading, because it speaks the truth of the Gospel.

Way to go, Tom!  My only complaint is that you stole much of the thunder from the letter I sent to the editor of the News-Press today. (see my next post)

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