Friday, April 8, 2011

Is the Bible True?

This spring I've been teaching a class on the bible at Missouri Western State University and it's been a great experience.  One of the things I have struggled to communicate, however, is the different ways the term "truth" is used when discussions of the Bible's authority occur.  There is often an assumption that we are talking about the kind of truth that can be proven in a laboratory or truth that is like the solution to a math problem, but the writers of the Bible were concerned with a different kind of truth--namely what truth does God wish to communicate regarding  identity and community.

David Lose, whom I read regularly for his thoughts on preaching, has a really great column published recently on-line on just this subject.  I shared it with my class, because Lose manages to make the point I've been struggling to make in a concise and readable manner.  I'm grateful to him for putting such an articulate piece out there on such a complicated topic.

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