Tuesday, April 19, 2011

You can listen to my sermons on my church's web site

After much delay and much grace freely given by folks who are more technologically proficient than I, my sermons are now available on the church web site as audio files (MP3).  You can listen to them on-line. 

Folks routinely ask me for written copies of my sermons, but despite the efforts of college and seminary preaching professors, I have never really been able to write a sermon manuscript ahead of time.  My style is to speak without notes and the content I've prepared ahead of time may or may not make it into the final presentation depending on my memory, my sense of the audience and hopefully the guidance of the Spirit.  Also I've tried having my sermons transcribed and then edited, but that requires more time than I have to give. 

So, should any care to hear it them a first or second time, my sermons are now on the web site.

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