Friday, December 18, 2015

Recommended Reading, Listening and Watching 12-15-15 Edition

Each week (more or less) I send out an e-mail to my congregation sharing my thoughts along with a list of things I’ve read, listened to or watched that I think are worth passing along.  Here's the latest.

Recommended Reading and Listening
CCCUCC Folks in the News
  • Jan Parks was quoted in another KC Star story on the use of TIF money to subsidize a development in the west Crossroads District.  She, along with other supporters of KC Public Schools and members of MORE2--including me, believe this is a case of the KC government continuing to subsidize developmen in areas that will be developed no matter what.  TIF money is supposed to be used for blighted properties.  TIF money is disproportionately used in west KC rather than east of Troost Ave. in poorer and historically African American neighborhoods.  Furthermore, using TIFS in this case would mean millions of dollars that will not go to KC Public Schools or public libraries.
United Church of Christ
Responding to Anti-Muslim Rhetoric and Actions
Climate Change
  • The deal struck at the climate change meeting in Paris is a positive step, but Bill Mckibben points out that it is twenty years too late.
Gun Violence
The (non-)War on Christmas
LGBTQ Equality
  • The story I shared in my sermon on Sunday about the boy saying grace and offering thanks for everything in the room came from this UCC Daily Devotional by Cameron Trimble, Executive Director of the Center for Progressive Renewal.
Misc. Stuff I think is Cool

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