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Recommended Reading, Watching and Listening 11-30-15 edition

Each week (more or less) I send out an e-mail to my congregation sharing my thoughts along with a list of things I’ve read, listened to or watched that I think are worth passing along.  I’ve been neglecting my blog lately and this list is from a while back, but the stuff on this list is still worth digesting if you haven’t seen it already.

Recommended Reading and Listening
CCCUCC Folks in the News
  •  Jan Parks is quoted in a KC Star story on the use of TIF money to subsidize a development in the west Crossroads District.  She, along with other supporters of KC Public Schools and members of MORE2--including me, believe this is a case of the KC government continuing to subsidize developmen in areas that will be developed no matter what.  TIF money is supposed to be used for blighted properties.  TIF money is disproportionately used in west KC rather than east of Troost Ave. in poorer and historically African American neighborhoods.  Furthermore, using TIFS in this case would mean millions of dollars that will not go to KC Public Schools or public libraries.

Great Blog Post by CCCUCC Member
United Church of Christ
  • On November 15, the Missouri Mid-South Conference of the UCC--the one our church happens to be in--elected a new conference minister, Rev. Dr. Ginny Brown Daniel.  You can read about her by clicking here.  I went to seminary with Ginny and have known her for years.  I can't be more excited about her election!
  • United Church of Christ leaders condemned the violence in the name of religion and called on political leaders to welcome Syrian refugees.  More close to home, Edith Guffey, Conference Minister of the Kansas-Oklahoma Conference UCC had letters inLawrence and Oklahoma City papers rejecting fear mongering and calling for help for Syrian refugees.
  • I had a blog post that made it on the UCC blog New Sacred last week.  It's an adapted version of something I wrote for "Thoughts From Chase."
  • UCC General Minister and President and life-long Missourian, Rev. Dr. John Dorhauerreflects on the courage of Mizzou coach Gary Pinkel responding to racism on campus.
  • John Dorhauer also has a weekly podcast called "Into the Mystic" containing words of inspiration for progressive Christians.  You can subscribe to it on Itunes or click here.
  • Is the UCC brand helpful or hurtful in attracting new people to church?  This report has an answer to this important question.
The Paris Terrorist Attack and Syrian Refugees
LGBTQ Equality
  • Last week was the Transgender Day of Remembrance where people around the world remember the transgender women killed over the last year due to anti-trans violence.  Last Sunday, we took time in our worship to remember these women, including two transgender women in KC killed during the last year.
  • The Human Rights Campaign has a great video in which mothers of transgender kids share their experiences.  The video includes one mom from the KC area who has visited our church.
  • In the name of God, let's stop trans murders!
  • Don't give in to the myth of scarcity and the orgy of consumerism!  The United Church of Christ has "alternative Christmas presents."  Did you know that $25 can feed a refugee family?
  • The Church of England made a commercial to play in movie theaters in the UK.  The only text and audio in it is of a recitation of the Lord's Prayer.  The commercial was banned proving once again just how subversive the Lord's Prayer is and always has been.
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