Friday, July 22, 2016

Recommended Read and Listening 7-22-16 Edition

On a more or less regular basis, I share my thoughts with the congregation I serve including a list of links to stuff I think are worth reading, watching and listening to.  Here's the latest list:

United Church of Christ News
Responses to Killings of Police Officers and the killings of black men by police
Racism and White Privilege

"Losing My Religion for Equality"--Jimmy Carter tells about why he left the Southern Baptist Convention over it's treatment of women

Gun Violence
Misc. Stuff I think is Cool
  • Perhaps the best thing about my seminary education was getting to take courses on spirituality with Glenn Hinson. I (like so many others) am grateful he has been a part of my journey. This is a wonderful interview with him.
  • "Stopping Traffic"--As a minister I get to be in a lot of funeral processions. I'm always grateful for drivers who pull over to show respect. This blog post eloquently describes how I feel about those who don't.
  • "Eight Warning Signs of a Bully Church Member"--spot on in my experience, especially numbers one and eight

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