Thursday, July 26, 2007

God will play a major role in The Simpsons movie

Here's another Simpsons post. With all the run up to the movie release, there's a lot of stuff in the media right now.

Today on Fresh Air, there's an interview with Al Jean, one of the long-time writers. In the discussion, there's talk about Ned Flanders--Homer's evangelical Christian neighbor and the role faith plays in the TV show. Also, Jean says that God plays a significant role in the movie--literally God is a character in the film, and the God presented in the film is one who acts in history to help people--in this case the people of Springfield.

Also, in the next post you'll find a trailer for the new movie. I'm experimenting with posting video straight to the blog from YouTube. Beware--it's funny, but just like the TV show, it's meant for older viewers not for small children.

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