Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My Brilliant Quote on the Front Page of the News Press

I've been in town for six months and I've already made the front page of the News Press. Granted, my quote was not really the most profound thing I've ever said, but I'm there!

In case you missed it, there was an article by Clinton Thomas about the screening of The Lost Boys of Sudan and the meal afterwards. We ended up sitting across the table from each other with a couple of the Sudanese folks. So, he quoted some of my dinner conversation.

Was it a reflection upon the eternal curse of humanity's violent nature? No.

Was it a question about the relationship between the Sudanese civil war and the current crisis in Darfur? No.

Was it a request for more information about the incredible and tragic journey of the Lost Boys from war-torn Sudan all the way to St. Joseph? No.

Here's the quote:

The Rev. Chase Peeples of the First Christian Church was one of many in attendance who enjoyed the diverse menu.

"This is good, it tastes like our beef stew," Mr. Peeples said to some of the Sudanese at his table. "I can't quite figure out the bread. It almost has a sour taste. What's in it?"

That's right. It's me wondering why the Sudanese bread tasted sour. Oh well, at least the church's name got on the front page.

The really important thing--all joking aside--is that the story got on the front page and the Sudanese people in our community could get attention and notice as a real gift to St. Joseph. I appreciate the good coverage from the paper and the good article from Clinton Thomas.

It was a great event Sunday night The turnout was awesome--I'd guess 250 people. A serendipitous thing that happened was that so many Sudanese from across the country could make it to St. Joe. Unbeknownst to us when we planned the event, the Miss Southern Sudan Pageant was held on Saturday in Kansas City. Over 3000 southern Sudanese were there and anybody with a connection to the folks in St. Joe drove up I-29 on Sunday. It was definitely cool.

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