Thursday, March 6, 2008

Karen Ann Ezzell 1959-2008

I thought I would post a few links here that might be helpful as our church and community continue to honor, celebrate and remember Karen Ezzell who died this weekend.

The first link is to the poem Desiderata by Max Ehrman. This is the poem I read from during my eulogy for Karen, because it was special to her. She read it to her children when they were young and gave copies to them when they became adults. Its words fit in many ways the kind of life Karen attempted to live.

The second is to Karen's obituary on the St. Joseph News-Press web site. The site allows you to post a message to the on-line guest book. The family has already mentioned that reading the messages posted there already has been a comfort to them.

Grace and Peace,


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Bill Rose-Heim said...

This is a very helpful resource at a very difficult time. Thanks, Chase.

We continue to pray for you, the Ezzells and the church.

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