Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Where's Jesus on the newstand this week?

In my newsletter column last week (posted below), I wrote that every year the weekly newsmagazines put out cover stories on Jesus during Holy Week--usually of the sensational variety. I thought I would cruise the web sites of the big three and see if I was correct.

In the case of Time Magazine, I was almost right. The cover shows the earth and provides the cover story: 10 Ideas that are Changing the World." There's no Jesus on the cover, however, one of the 10 ideas is "Re-Judaizing Jesus" which makes it on the list at #10. I'm guessing this was the religion writers' best shot at a Holy Week cover and it was slipped in here as a consolation prize by the editors.

In the case of Newsweek, I was just plain wrong. They went with a cover story on Iraq and the power struggles inside the U.S. Army. As far as I can tell from the table of contents, there's no Jesus story. (cue muted trumpet now: waaah wah)

On U.S. News & World Report, if I am looking at the right cover on their site, I struck out again. the cover I see has something about jobs and careers with no Jesus story in sight.

It's like they read my church newsletter column last week.

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