Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Forrest Church on NPR's Fresh Air

On yesterday's episode of Fresh Air, Unitarian minister and author Forrest Church was the guest. I've always enjoyed his writings and when I've heard him interviewed. I had a friend in NY who was on staff at his congregation where he is beloved. His new memoir tells of his battle with inoperable cancer and reveals his long-time struggle with alcohol addiction--the latter I'm sure came as a surprise to a lot of people. The interview is good, but unfortunately Terry Gross (whom I really normally enjoy) is really inept when it comes to talking about religious topics. So, when Church starts talking about faith, Gross keeps things at a shallow level. That really is my complaint about Gross. She does so well on so many topics, but when anything religious comes up she is really out of her depth--but I digress. In any event, the interview is worth listening to. I'm holding out hope, however, that Church will appear on the truly great NPR show on religion Speaking of Faith.

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