Saturday, October 1, 2016

Recommended Reading and Listening 10-1-16 edition

A Great Blog Post by CCCUCC Associate Minister Bethany Meier
  • This is a great post on the blog of Central Baptist Theological Seminary by Bethany about her faith journey as a gay Christian and what her seminary journey and her experience in the United Church of Christ have meant to her.
White Privilege
Black Lives Matter
Sexism and Patriarchy
  • "How Pop Culture Tells Women to Shut Up"--If I had a daughter, I would study this article carefully. Even though I don't have a daughter, because I care about girls and women, I also study this article carefully.
  • "I'm the gay son of a preacher man. When I came out to Dad, he was perfect"--In my ministry I get to hear a lot of sad and painful stories of LGBTQ folks coming out to their parents. When parents reject their LGBTQ kids, religion--specifically Christianity--seems like the dominant factor. It's nice to read a story where a parent (who happens to be a minister) demonstrates love and grace to his own child.
Misc. Stuff I think is Cool
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