Friday, March 24, 2017

Recommended Reading 1-27-17

FYI: I've neglected my blog in recent months, so I'm posting some stuff I've sent out to my church during that time.  This explains why some of the links and topics are somewhat dated.  Here they are for the purposes of posterity.

Regularly, if somewhat spasmodically, I share a list of things I'm reading, watching and listening to with my congregation.  If I remember to do so, I also post it here on my blog:

United Church of Christ in the News
The Border Wall and the Muslim Ban
Responses to the Inauguration
Women's March
American Christianity Following the 2016 Election
Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday
  • "I Abstained From Sex for a Year to Donate Blood"--Recently I was approached about doing a blood drive at CCCUCC. I would have loved to do so, but we couldn't in good conscience do it.G  ay men who are part of my church--even ones in decades-long monogamous relationships--are banned from giving blood unless they have abstained from sex for at least a year. It's a policy based on fears rather than facts, as this op-ed explains.
The Sentencing of Dylann Roof
  • "Anguish, Rage and Mercy as Dylann Roof Is Sentenced to Death"--"You can't have my joy," Bethane Middleton-Brown, Ms. Doctor's sister, told Mr. Roof. "It's simply not yours to take. You can't have it. So I guess you will spend the rest of your time being angry because you can't have it. The other thing that you will be angry about is because you didn't win."
    Then she added: "You couldn't make me hate you. May God bless you."
Medicaid Expansion in MO
The End of the Obama Presidency

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