Friday, March 24, 2017

Recommended Reading 2-23-17 edition

FYI: I've neglected my blog in recent months, so I'm posting some stuff I've sent out to my church during that time.  This explains why some of the links and topics are somewhat dated.  Here they are for the purposes of posterity.

Regularly, if somewhat spasmodically, I share a list of things I'm reading, watching and listening to with my congregation.  If I remember to do so, I also post it here on my blog:

United Church of Christ in the News
The Border Wall and the Muslim Ban
American Christianity Following the 2016 Election
  • "Longform Podcast #228: Jeff Shartlett"--I have to be ready to read or listen to Jeff Shartlet, because his journalism about the mixture of religion and politics on the Right always terrifies me. I'm terrified that the folks he describes are out there in positions of power and terrified that journalism completely misses the religious component of what is happening in politics. In this podcast, he talks about how Trump's VP Mike Pence, along with cabinet picks like DeVos, Sessions, Coats and others are all connected with Right-Wing religious groups like "The Family." In fact, Shartlet predicted the rise of Pence several years ago in one of his books. This interview with Shartlet about his career in journalism and how he ended up covering religion in America is a great introduction to his work. He also explains why after years of death threats from people on the Right he's ready to find another beat.
  • "These Christians are Opposed to Trump--and Suffering the Consequences"--
    Interesting article about people coming from conservative Evangelical and Catholic settings who are facing consequences for not supporting Trump or not towing the traditional conservative Christian line on politics in general. I'm inspired by these folks, especially the ones who have been fired from Evangelical organizations, for speaking out. It is the shame of American Evangelical Christianity that speaking out on issues like sexual assault of women, suicides by transgender people, welcoming refugees and mourning the dead of The Pulse nightclub is somehow considered controversial.
  • "Christians, don't be fooled: Trump has deep religious convictions"--Christian ethicist Stanley Hauerwas weighs in on Trump's idolatry
  • "Donald Trump, the Religious Right's Trojan Horse"--from the op-ed: "The religious right has been elevated to power without having to contest its ideas in an election."
Racism in 2017
Sexism in 2017
Other Stuff I Think Is Cool
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