Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Ignorance and Bigotry of Pat Robertson

Based on Pat Robertson's statements regarding the Haiti earthquake being the result of the country's "pact with the devil," I feel the need to declare to any who will listen that I am one Christian minister who absolutely denounces the ignorance and bigotry of Pat Robertson. While Haiti suffers, he has the gall to pass judgement. I do not believe that God punishes a nation with an earthquake, a tsunami or a terrorist attack.

For a broader perspective of why Pat Robertson's theology of judgement is so bigoted and destructive, note the following words from Anthea Butler at the University of Pennsylvania:

Using "demons" to explain natural disasters is not anything new. What is new is how the language of the demonic has been used to describe a natural disaster that happens to anyone other than a Christian, and often, a Christian of European extraction. It is on par with the notion of "Slave-holding Christianity" about which Frederick Douglass spoke so eloquently in "What to a slave is the Fourth of July." What's more, this narrative of "curse" is used often to remind any person of color that if you go up against the white man, God is most likely to punish you in perpetuity. A recent example of this narrative of demonic activity was used by John Hagee and others to explain away what happened in Hurricane Katrina back in 2005.
God save us from people like Pat Robertson!


Roy Roper said...

I agree with you and it grieves me to keep hearing this arrogant, mislead, and very detrimental tone towards those in great suffering.

And, unfortunately, it looks like the left-wing isn't above jumping to similar outrageous claims either. Surely you heard what Danny Glover had to say about the earth—not God almighty—judging us for global warming?

revpeep said...

About lethal Weapon 3 is when I quit paying attention to Danny Glover, so I missed his declaration.

To my knowledge--and my knowledge of Glover's faith perspective is limited--Glover is not a Christian minister with tens of thousands of followers speaking on behalf of the same religion as mine.

I feel the need to denounce Robertson, because I fear by not doing so I'm guilty by association.

I don't feel the same sense of responsibility towards Glover.