Thursday, January 21, 2010

Prince of Peace, Forgive Us!

I read with horror the story by ABC News about a company in Michigan which makes telescopic rifle scopes for the US military. What is unusual about these particular scopes is that they have imprinted on them right next to the serial numbers, Bible verses that declare Jesus is the light of the world! The company is unapologetic, and I feel sure that many Christians in America will see no problem with the practice.

If the Taliban or Al Qaeda carried rifles with verses from the Qur'an, we would call them religious fanatics, but somehow it is okay for Christians to do so?

This practice does not represent the faith I profess!

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Roy Roper said...

You might be relieved to know I agree with you on this one, Chase. I'd like to think that our military acts in the interest of justice and is a positive force for good in the world. But printing a verse on a gun equates God's own cause with the means of violence and on a tool that can be used for any cause. This is a very misguided idea as I see it.