Thursday, January 21, 2010

Update on the Bible Verse Rifle sites

After press coverage, it appears the Bible verses will be removed from US military rifle sites. (see my previous post on the matter)

I'm just waiting for the "First they took God out of the schools. . . " crowd to get upset about this.

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Kaiser said...

Putting a Bible verse on a gun... is it supposed to be ironic? Or just Crusades-esque? Speaking of crusades, it sort of reminds me of how at my old community college (and in colleges throughout the country), there is a Christian student group that was called "Campus Crusade for Christ." At my campus, they decided to change the advertised name (though they were still associated with the larger organization) when I pointed out that a large portion of the student body was Muslim and that it could be easily taken as associating Christianity with brutality and violence, especially against Muslims. These guns are quite the epitome of the same thing, I think.